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Hope Changes A City

Stand4Shelby is a movement within Shelby to share the hope that can change this city we love. It is a movement of people who want to see the best for Shelby, who want to jumpstart revitalization, support local business, and make an impact on the city’s future. Join the movement. Whether you shop locally, volunteer with one of the many amazing organizations within the city, start a business of your own or join in for Community Impact Day giving a hand up to those in need and a facelift to public areas, there is something for all of us to do.

If you are interested in being considered for a project, apply here. The project will not cost you anything, all supplies will be provided. While we can’t tackle every project, please apply and let us see if we can help.

Project Application

Community Impact Day 2019

Join Us – August 4th, 2019

Join us for an incredible day for our city. We will be tackling projects all across our city working in the Parks, YMCA, Shelby Helpline, Shelby Summer Lunch Program, Downtown Shelby and more. This is a fantastic way for all of us to give back to the city we love. We will meet at 9 am on Sunday, August 4th, at Shelby High School and go out from there. We’ll provide the food, water, all necessary supplies, and super cool free T-Shirts, for everyone. Kids are welcome to join in on many of the projects. Expect the day to last until around 1 pm. If you have any questions or need more information please email [email protected]

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